Welcome to Thac0s at Midnight, my roleplaying-and-other-nerdity blog.


My name is Rachelle. I’m a nerd living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’ve been roleplaying since only about 2009. This means that I’ve somehow dodged the full impact of the nostalgia waves driving parts of the RPG industry, although I’m enjoying the benefits of the current state of the industry.

My experience in the gaming industry is much longer. I worked in Fantasy Sports for five years. I’ve since left the industry but industry hasn’t left me. Your debates about jocks vs geeks mean nothing to me.

My tastes in gaming are all over the place. My household’s gaming collection has everything from D&D to Dogs in the Vineyard. My true gaming love is unquestionably West End Games Star Wars. The engine shows its age, but I adore the fluff written for it. With games I’ll try almost anything once. My breaking points are more along the lines of terribad GMs.


I talk about gaming a lot. It’s a hobby, but it’s fun to rip apart game systems, see how they work, and figure out what they can do. Several of my friends have suggested writing a gaming blog discussing my opinions on games, especially given that some of these opinions are related to smaller systems or systems that have very little coverage online.

Consider this less “Let me tell you about my characters” and more “Here’s some ideas on how to get more out of your gaming experience”.

I have no dreams of discussing the flaws of games on the market and how my world’s greatest game will fix them. I’ve done my time in the gaming field already.

Wait… Thac0s at Midnight? Huh?

Tacos at Midnight was the name of a Doritos flavour. It was a lovely name, but the chips were horrible.

I also have a soft spot for the idea that late night TV being the realm of the nerdy and quirky before informerials and the internet.

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