Thac0s at Midnight is a roleplaying-and-other-assorted-nerdity blog. It was imagined as a space for our gaming talk, thoughts, reviews and ideas to permanently live online and not be dependent on other people’s forums or hosting to exist.

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Rachelle is the people who runs this place. She’s also is a student in Toronto, Ontario. The bulk of her tabletop gaming experience is relatively recent; she only got into RPGs in 2009. Occasionally she GMs! If she’s improving is anyone’s guess. Her favorite game is WEG Star Wars, a game where talking seals coexist with government brutality. She’s also been into Marvel Heroic Roleplaying as of late, but isn’t sure if that’s due to her being genuinely interested in the engine or setting or due to comic stories being the modern version of “Science Hero” b-movies.

Also, she doesn’t care about your Actual Play podcast.


Rob is a Contributing Editor for THAC0s at Midnight. He is also an engineer in Toronto, Ontario.  He has over a decade of experience playing and running roleplaying games, ranging from old school Dungeons and Dragons to the newer paradigm of games such as Fiasco, Fate and Cortex+. His current gaming obsessions include Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and Dungeon World.

Rob loves your Actual Play podcasts.  They are a great way to learn how to play new games while driving to work.


Pieter van Hiel is a Contributing Editor for THAC0s at Midnight. He discovered the joy of pen and paper adventures in 1982 through Fighting Fantasy solo adventure books, and got his first “real” RPG in 1987.  Since then, he’s gone on to write a number of RPG supplements and books, most recently co-writing the Sanguine Productions editions of the Albedo and Usagi Yojimbo RPGs with Jason Holmgren. He enjoys Call of Cthulhu, Champions, AD&D, WEG Star Wars and sometimes even plays games written after 1990. He is one of Canada’s only certified 4th edition Hackmaster GMs, which should serve as a warning to most people.

He thinks a podcast is what’s left of an alien egg once the facehugger gets you.