I recently started up a new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying event. So far it is most of the cast of Nextwave (and Speedball on the New Warrior exchange program) exploring the events of Cullen Bunn’s Fearless Defenders.

I knew going in that I was going to have to give them an “awesome” vehicle just like the Shockwave Rider, but I wanted to create it with my players so they really felt like it was their own.

I gave them the premise that they were “borrowing” a prototype aircraft from the Beyond Corporation’s hangar, and asked them a few questions about it. Here are their questions, complete with the answers provided. Read the rest of this entry »


After the too early death of our original Annihilation campaign, Rob decided to start a new cosmic-themed campaign with new characters. Apparently, I have a thing for Nextwave members, since my character choice this time was Machine Man, AKA X-51/Aaron Stack. Machine Man was on my short list for the original Annihilation game but was dropped when Rob suggested that I play a female character in a Marvel game for once.

Much like Tabitha, Machine Man has a peculiar Power setup – one power set and piles of relatively small power dice. The real focus of his datafile is the combination of the SFXs Constructs and Multipower, and the Limit Exhausted (called Swiss-Army Fingers, Multitasking and Needs a Recharge in this particular Datafile). Figuring out how to maximize these isn’t intuitive, but can be highly rewarding once their potential is realized.

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