I recently started up a new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying event. So far it is most of the cast of Nextwave (and Speedball on the New Warrior exchange program) exploring the events of Cullen Bunn’s Fearless Defenders.

I knew going in that I was going to have to give them an “awesome” vehicle just like the Shockwave Rider, but I wanted to create it with my players so they really felt like it was their own.

I gave them the premise that they were “borrowing” a prototype aircraft from the Beyond Corporation’s hangar, and asked them a few questions about it. Here are their questions, complete with the answers provided.

What is the vehicle’s best feature?
“The Bar!”

What is the biggest flaw the vehicle has?
“No armour.”

What’s something annoying about the vehicle?
“That Beep!”

What is something that gives it an edge?
“There is a big red button that says ‘DO NOT TOUCH.'”

What is a neat thing it can also do?
“It can land and take off vertically.”

… and with that sillyness, they dubbed their sweet new ride “The neXt-WING”


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