This is another compendium class for the Dungeon World game I am running.

Bloodbound Magus

The Bloodbound Magus has researched Alien Beings of the Otherworld, and dabbled in the magics only whispered of in the dungeons beneath the great schools of magic. When you complete a magic ritual that binds you to an otherworldly being create a bond with the otherworldly entity. The next time you level up, take the following move:

DARK PAST: You have dabbled in the worst sorts of mystical arts and tied yourself to an otherworldly being or cosmic horror of immense scope and notable inability to relate to the morals of man. When you trawl through your memories or reach out on your connection to a greater being for something relevant to the situation at hand roll + Int or Wis. On a 10+ ask the DM two questions from the list below. On a 7-9 ask one question. On a miss, you can ask one question anyways, but that means you were personally complicit in creating the situation you are dealing with now. The questions are:

  • When I dealt with this creature (or one of its kind) what did I learn?
  • What black magic do I know that could help here?
  • Do I know anyone who might be behind this?
  • Who do I know who can help us right now?

If you took DARK PAST, count the following moves as class moves for you; you can choose them when you level up.

BLOOD MAGIC – When you cast a spell you can choose to fuel the magic with your own blood. You can spend Hit Points one for one to a maximum of a +3 bonus to the roll. You must make this decision before your roll.

DESTINY’S PLAYTHING – At the beginning of each session, roll + Bonds with your otherworldly entity to see what is revealed about your immediate future. On at 10+ the GM will reveal a useful detail about an upcoming adventure. On a 7-9 you get a vague hint about it. On a miss, something bad is going to happen to you.

SPEAK WITH BLOOD – When you have time to complete a short ritual, and a sample of someone’s blood, you can summon forth the secrets trapped within. Roll + Int or Wis, on a 10+ hold 3; on a 7-9 hold 1. While you are speaking with the blood, spend your hold one for one to ask the GM or relevant player the following questions:

  • What was your character’s lowest moment?
  • For what does your character crave forgiveness? and of whom?
  • What are your character’s secret pains?
  • In what ways are your character’s mind and soul vulnerable?

On a miss, you alert the owner of the blood sample of your location and the nature of the ritual you were attempting to perform.

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